Back in Rochester…


It turns out the Airbnb guest housthere in Rochester isn’t as bad as I thought, nor is the neighborhood (although the jury’s still out on that).  It’s an inner city neighborhood and I certainly don’t plan on going out after dark, but I forced myself to go out earlier and nothing bad happened.  The only thing is it’s a very basic guest house and I need to go and get my towels and almost everything else from storage tomorrow morning (I’ve already reserved a Zipcar to do this).


On the plus side, there’s a bike share just across the street and I was able to cycle to my regular Wegmans supermarket, although it’s a good deal further than before.  One thing I am worried about here is the bathroom door lock is broken, so I’m kind of nervous about taking a shower, especially if there are male guests staying here.

The journey back from Toronto was relatively painless, apart from the train getting held up between St. Catherines and Niagara Falls due to some sort of problem with the track.  Getting through US customs at Niagara Falls was painless too and I was gendered correctly (in fact, I haven’t been misgendered for a very long time).  I arrived in Rochester around 2:45pm and took an Uber to the Airbnb guest house.  I also used Uber to get from the Airbnb in Toronto to Union Station as I didn’t feel like lugging my heavy suitcase and carry-on bag on the bus and subway.  I took a shot of the water below as the train crossed from Canada to the US and of one of the many vineyards the train passed by in Southern Ontario:


I miss Toronto already and I really didn’t want to leave.  I can honestly say that it’s my that it’s my favorite city in North America, surpassing my previous 2 favorites of Boston and San Francisco.  It is a wonderfully diverse and rich city that combines old with ultra modern and where people seem to just get on with it, as far as living goes. These are the final pictures I took of the area around Union Station this morning and inside the very comfortable VA Rail train:



It looks like the room I was offered to move in to in July is legit.  I got a text from both the landlord and the girl I’ll be sharing the house with to say they’ve rented the 3rd room out to a mutual friend of theirs.  He;s a guy, but he sounds very benign and is a gamer (those are usually harmless).  Now I just have to figure out where I’ll stay in June, but I’m going to see a room available for temporary sublet tomorrow evening for that month, so if I get that I’ll be covered give or take a couple of days.  I’m not sure whether to leave some of my stuff in storage and just continue renting the storage unit until I’ve moved into the more ‘permanent’ place, but I think I will keep renting the unit to save having to cart my stuff from place to place multiple times.

My mood hasn’t sunk yet, but something shitty ii bound to happen.  I doubt the post-Toronto high will last that long, but I’m trying to make the most of it and get as many things done as possible just in case this doesn’t last.  My anxiety hasn’t been too bad since I got back, but I doubt that will last either.

The Airbnb host in Toronto left me a lovely review anyway.  She really made me feel at comfortable, as did her family (especially her dad).

2018-04-30 20.04.01

I wish that people would give me a chance and not make assumptions on me based on the fact that I’m transgender and suffering from mental illness.  I’m not a bad roommate and I’m easy to live with, but many people seem to have a problem with my social awkwardness and periods of silence.

I still miss Priscilla so much.  I wish I could have kept her, as she’d have been happier with me.  I don’t miss my previous roommates L or K though and I never want to see or hear from them again.  I know L might email me for my share of the electric bill for April, but I feel like not paying it, due to the sheer expense and stress that I’ve incurred from having to move at short notice.

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