Introvert cave…

The Airbnb home was very easy to find and gain access to (things like keys, locks and access codes always stress me out).  I arrived here at 3:30pm, after killing as much time as I could humanly stand in the sweltering, almost 100 degree heat.  This room is a basement room and it couldn’t be any more different to the room in the guest house.  For starters, it’s COOL thanks to air conditioning and extremely quiet.  The only noise I hear outside are birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees surrounding the patio.

There are no annoying guests or roommates, there’s a Keurig and plenty of coffee and tea.  I just took the nicest shower I’ve had in over a month and as soon as I got here, I zonked out for 2 hours (that’s how tired I was).  It is a perfect ‘introvert cave’ and I would’ve paid for 3 more days here had I found this place last week instead of last minute.  The house is located in one of the safest and most beautiful parts of Rochester.

assuming I’m allowed into Canada, I won’t be updating this blog again until I’m there.  Even though distance wise, it’s not a long journey from Rochester to St. Catharines, it takes a long time by train and crossing the border.  I hope the next Airbnb place will be alright, especially as I’m going to be there for an entire month.  I can’t imagine that it’d be anywhere near as stressful of an experience as the guest house was and I can’t imagine that St. Catherines is as dangerous as parts of Rochester are.

Until next time, peace out…..

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