Back in Rochester (June 28, 2018)

As of now, I’m back in Rochester and currently staying in a pretty nice hotel by the river for the night to have a much needed break from people and from uncomfortable beds.  It was a bit pricey, but worth it considering the fact that I just slept for 6 hours straight without interruption and without waking up with any back pain.  I have to start transporting my belongings from my storage unit to my new home / room tomorrow afternoon and I’m using a Zipcar that I reserved some time ago.

The journey was relatively uneventful and went smoothly, with the exception of the lady at US Custom and Border Protection at Niagara Falls being rude because she couldn’t read my handwriting on the customs declaration form and she spoke to me like I was stupid.  She seemed bothered by the fact that she had to give me another form so that I could start over and that I hadn’t been given such a form in the first place (again, not my fault).  The train arrived in Rochester almost on schedule and I took an Uber cab to my new home.  Usually I keep my headphones on, but the driver was really nice and he had English folk music playing.  One of my new roommates was there to greet me and she not only helped me carry my stuff up to my room, but she dropped me off at the hotel.  I think her cat likes me, at least.  She came and greeted me while I was unpacking a few things and tried to get into my suitcase.  Fortunately, I’d taken my last 2 Lorazepam before I left and that eased my anxiety considerably.  I also paced myself and allowed time just in case there were any fuck-ups.

Since I was starving and had missed Wegmans (a supermarket chain here), I decided to rent a Pace bike and cycle over there via my pharmacy to collect medication that I’d run out of on the way.  One thing I’ll say about Rochester in its favor is that it generally feels like a safe city to cycle in, more so than St. Catharines was actually..  I bought a huge salad from the salad bar and a  few other things and ate them at the Wegmans cafeteria seating area, which is spacious and never usually gets that busy, so I’m always able to eat in peace.

I cycled back to the hotel around 5 pm and pretty much fell asleep as soon as I changed into my pajamas and lay down on the ridiculously comfortable bed.  It was definitely worth staying at this hotel to give myself a break before moving in with 2 (currently 3) new people tomorrow.

At least the Airbnb host let me do my laundry in the end, so I didn’t have to come back here with a bag full of dirty clothes..

I’m going to be very busy over the next couple of days, so I may not update for a while unless something bad happens.

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