Ugly in a beautiful city

I made it to Inverness yesterday and the journey was relatively stress-free.   I had a 5 hours wait in Edinburgh between trains and as I didn’t feel like paying 15 pounds to store my suitcase and carry-on, I was pretty much stuck in the station and vicinity.  I went to a nearby Weatherspoon’s pub and had a vegetarian breakfast, wine and sex on the beach.  It was pretty shit actually; the place was packed and my food was kind of cold.  I did managed to get sufficiently buzzed though and popped 2 Lorazepam to help with my anxiety.  It was getting dark by the time I caught the train to Inverness, so I didn’t see any of the scenery on the way.  I found the hotel pretty easily and ended up walking, rather than deal with my social anxiety and getting a taxi.  It’s colder up here…much colder.  There was even a frost last night.

I slept very well, although I woke up after a couple of nightmares.  I went down for breakfast around 7:30am and I was the only one there/  It was a full breakfast too, not just cereal….eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms and 4 pieces of toast.  It was such a large breakfast that I don’t need to eat much else for the rest of the day.

I went out this morning and walked around the center of Inverness and down by the river.  It’s a beautiful little city, almost like a mini-Edinburgh, but without the crowds and the pretentiousness.  I haven’t been to Inverness since I was 17 and it really hasn’t changed much.  There was some sort of Pride festival / march going on, so I tried to steer clear of that as I feel like an outcast in the LGBT community and I don’t celebrate Pride.

The leaves are really changing color quite drastically here, owing to the city’s northerly position.   Even when the sun is out, it seems like a watered-down sun.  I could totally live up here as I doubt that it ever gets that hot and it’s dark as fuck during the winter.  I love the Gothic architecture and the creepiness of the place.  The scenery surrounding the city looks beautiful too and I wish I had a car or one of my bikes to explore it.

I took a ton of pictures before retreating back to my bed & breakfast before the Saturday crowds and weekend people come out in force.   I might go out again later and eat at a Wetherspoon’s pub again, as you can order online from your table and you don’t have to speak to anyone.

PHOTOS: Inverness, Scotland – 10-06-18


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