Tormented and triggered by nightmares and bad dreams

I do all I can to avoid my triggers and I avoid people, but then I have nightmares and bad dreams about the very things I try to avoid in real life at all costs.   I woke up in a sweat from the nightmare I just had, which involved envy of my; 2 younger half brothers and being on the run from an unknown enemy.  Such nightmares won’t make sense to anyone else but me, but they are a way in which life continues to torment me, even when I try my best to avoid certain subjects and people.  I really can’t take this any more….it’s got to the point where I dread going to sleep, even though I’m constantly tired and I need far more sleep than I usually get,  Such nightmares are so bad that they can screw me up for an entire day, or longer if my broken brain won’t allow me to stop thinking about them.

What do I have to do to make this stop?  My psychiatrist in Rochester prescribed me prazosin in the past and even though it did reduce the nightmares, it left me with awful headaches for much of the following day, so I don’t want to take that medication again.

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