On leaving Rochester and the United States for good….

I leave both Rochester and the United States for good one week from today. I can’t say that I’ll miss Rochester and I should never have ended up here in the first place, never mind returned for a second attempt at living here. I’ll only be missed by my healthcare provider and the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, neither of whom will be able to continue to profiteer from my illnesses. My current roommates will certainly be glad to be rid of me. I’ll be staying at an Airbnb home for my final 3 days and it’s essentially an entire apartment to myself, so I will be able to experience solitude and peace befire having to go through the ordeal of flying one final time.

The truth is, I’ve been completely and utterly lost here in the United States since my marriage ended in 2013. I’ve never found a sense of ‘home’ here and the only reason I was able to survive here for so long was because I was married to an American, who was also the only love of my life. As for Rochester, it’s a charming city in many respects and if I’d been able to fit in here, I’d probably have liked it here. I’ve had nothing but negative to bad experiences with people though and the last 2 years have really taken a toll on my mental health The climate here is too extreme and too humid for me. I’ve been afraid of most people here since the day I got here.

Despite the weather being abysmal and cold lately, I managed to take a few photos and these will be the last photos I’ll ever take of Rochester. I do wish that it would have worked out, but it wasn’t meant to be, especially when Trump was elected president and I knew then that my time would eventually be up. I’m terrified of the ramifications of Brexit in the UK, but I had to make a choice between the lesser of two evils.

PHOTOS: The last photos I’ll ever take of Rochester – 10-27-18


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