Not coping

Hello blog that no one reads except for yours truly (ugly)…

I’m staying at my mum’s at the moment, taking care of Lily and Madge (cats) while her and her husband are away until Wednesday.  It’s a relief to have an entire house to myself, rather than feel confined to my room in the Airbnb home.

I can’t say that I’m doing any better, at least not mentally.  Anxiety and depression are kicking my ass, my sleep pattern is either erratic or non-existent and I’m permanently exhausted and overwhelmed from doing what most people would regard as absolutely fuck-all.

I haven’t heard from the estate agent about whether I’ve been approved or denied for the flat yet, but I don’t expect that I will be approved.  I’m so tired of temporary accommodation, living with roommates, staying with strangers and living out of suitcases and constantly having to move.  This has been ongoing for the last 5 years and it’s taken its toll.

I know that no one is left to care and that by expressing myself ion here I’m only doing the equivalent of screaming into outer space, but I don’t have anyone left to talk to and I’m struggling, with no end in sight,

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  1. People in the blog community are hearing you!

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