The bright lights of Grantham

I have a lot of restless energy at the moment, so I decided to take my bike out when it got dark enough.  The streets were rather empty, which is how I prefer them to be.  The only things open were pubs and takeaway restaurants,  I managed to resist the (strong) urge to buy more alcohol, only because drinking has been making me feel awful as of late and I’m not getting much benefit from it.  I have a lot on my mind, mostly bad stuff.  I didn’t burn off enough restless energy, so I’m pretty sure my racing mind won’t allow me to sleep much tonight.  I was contemplating taking a train to Skegness tomorrow, but I’m worried that the schools may have broken up for the Christmas holiday, so I’m scared that I’ll run into kids, teenagers and families with kids.  I didn’t attend that Meetup group and I didn’t even go into Nottingham as planned today, so I’m very disappointed in myself for being so fucking useless.


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