No more getting splashed and splattered while riding my bike

I was debating going to Nottingham or Derby on the train and taking my bike and digital camera, but I opted against it in the end due to the fact that I’d probably encounter a lot of kids and parents with kids on the train and elsewhere.  I know I sound like a stuck record here, but I really really want the holidays to be over already.  I wish there were childfree towns that existed, where I wouldn’t have this problem and would be able to go out with less anxiety.

I did go on a bit of a random bike ride though, to a village called Londonthorpe, where I found a tiny old church.  I took a few pictures and at least managed to wear myself out a bit.  I don’t like cycling on main roads here though because they’re narrow and people tend to drive at breakneck speed down them.


PHOTOS: Bike Ride – 30/12/2018

I bought some mudguards for my green bike (one of the bikes I brought with me from the US) last week and just about managed to fit them myself, despite my ‘bad hands’ (dyspraxia).  While they’re not particularly aesthetically pleasing (the bike itself isn’t either), they do the job as far as preventing me from getting splattered with water and mud from the street, so they were worth the investment.  For some reason, I don’t have much stamina, at least not as much as I had in Rochester, where I’d regularly cycle 20-25 miles a day.   Rochester is blessed with wider roads, plenty of cycle lanes and much more in the way of trails suitable for cycling and people didn’t drive as fast as they do here.  As I mentioned yesterday, there’s definitely a huge correlation between my stamina and my anxiety level.  The more anxious I am, the less stamina I have.  It’ll be easier when the school holidays are over and I can perhaps take my bike to nearby cities such as Nottingham, Derby, Peterborough and Leicester, all of which seem to be far more geared towards cycling.  I’m not a great cyclist and never will be due to dyspraxia, but some places are safer and easier than others.

20181230_094018I spent much of yesterday slowly but meticulously cleaning my flat, even though it wasn’t particularly dirty or messy.  I managed to hurt my already damaged / deformed feet (I’ll address the subject of my feet another time) and I tripped over and spilled a bucket of water all over my bathroom floor.  I need to buy a vacuum cleaner, because the one I’ve borrowed from my mum is crap and doesn’t work very well.

I’ve booked a cheap hotel room close to my chosen place, but I’m not going to elaborate on that any further.  I feel a bit better knowing that even if my borrowed time is up by then, I have the opportunity to check out on my terms in the place that I’ve chosen.  Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s worth going there to scout the area.

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