“What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

“What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

Answer: The same as I do every other NYE….nothing.  If days like Thanksgiving and Christmas remind you that you have no family as such and no relationship, New Year’s Eve reminds you that you don’t have a social life either.  The holidays are nothing but a shit-load of pain causes by feeling alone and left out.  NYE is almost as bad as Valentine’s Day, but not quite.  While everyone else is out at parties with friends or home with loved ones, I’ll be here alone with my demons.  The last time I actually celebrated NYE was in 2000, when I had fun at Disneyland in California.  I was quite excited at the prospect of the world ending because of the whole Y2K thing, but 18 years on and that never happened.

At least I managed to get my groceries early this morning, before the supermarkets got busy with hoards of people and their loud brats.  Most places will be closed tomorrow and the trains will be operating a restricted service, so I might take advantage of the fact that fewer people will be out, so I may go to Derby on the train and play with the digital camera I bought today on Facebook Marketplace for £40.  I’ve never actually been to Derby, just through it and past it and it seems less intimidating as a city than Nottingham.  And judging by Google Maps, there are a lot of bike trails there, so I can spend all day riding whichever bike I decide to take with me on the train (probably the green one).

2018 has been really shit and I’m not expecting any better from 2019.  I’m looking forward to seeing my BFF next week though for the first time since March.  At least I finally got out of Rochester, but I’ve lost all of the limited amount of support that I had there in the process.



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