New Aquarium

20190106_113326.jpgI now have a fully functional, almost fully kitted out aquarium, although I can’t add any actual fish for 2 weeks or so, as the water has to be treated first.  Its still quite soothing, both to look at and the noise of the filter bubbling away.  It was an ordeal setting it up though and I almost caused a fire, when I turned the tank heater on when it wasn’t submerged, so it started smoking and smoldering.  On top of that, I couldn’t figure out how to set up the air filter, so I had somewhat of a meltdown and gave up on it.  I didn’t understand the instructions, which might as well have been written in Arabic.


However, the aquatics shop that I bought the heater from exchanged it for me without asking any questions and I installed it correctly this time.  Having to go through that embarrassment at least saved me another £24 for a new heater.  I’m worried about not being able to remember all the things I need to do in order to take care of my future fish, as like everything else in life, it seems so daunting and complicated.  I do have a friend in Kent who is an expert when it comes to keeping tropical fish and he’s given me a lot of good advice.

I decided to use a different bike today rather than the green one that I’ve been using 95% of the time, so I took out the more girly Apollo Twilight bike instead, which is actually far more comfortable to ride anyway as it has suspension and a more comfortable seat.  It took me to and from the aquatics shop and I took it for a 5 mile lap around the northeastern quadrant of Grantham that seems to be the most cycle-friendly part of the town where there aren’t usually many cars or major hills.


Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment, which is solely for me to ask her to refer me to someone or somewhere in order to get assessed for autism / I also need to take my folding bike to the bike shop to have the cheap and partially broken chain guard replaced with a more sturdy metal one.  I don’t have to dread going out quite as much tomorrow, because (thank fuck) the school holidays are over, so I won’t have to run into children or teenagers anywhere, at least not until 3:30 pm or so.

On Tuesday, I’m going down to the south coast to see my best friend, which I’m looking forward to.  I’m not looking forward to having to travel across Central London on the tube though.

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