I’m back from the south coast now, having spent 2 days with my wonderful friend. I’m glad I made up with her, because I always feel so comfortable around her. We went and had lunch at a cafe on the seafront before I had to take my train back, which was really nice. At least I got to see the sea on what was quite a nice sunny day.

I broke up my journey on the way back and went to see my friend Jo and her 2 cats. We had a good talk, but by 9 I was getting tired and paranoid about missing the last train to Grantham.

I had to change trains at Watford Junction, where I ran into a girl called Nicole who I used to be at the same hostel with until she got kicked out She didn’t as me how I was, but she asked me for money. Clearly she hasn’t changed, despite changing her hair colour.

I didn’t get back home until just after 1 am and I got all of an hours sleep because I am up and awake and on my way to Boston on the train to collect a vintage bike (assuming I buy it and it’s not caked in rust) After this, I’m going to Sheffield.to get another vintage bike, but that one isn’t as old.

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