Feeling ugly, old and sick in the ‘Steel City’

I picked up the 2 vintage bikes that I bought on Facebook Marketplace, one from Boston (Lincolnshire) and the other from Sheffield. The one I bought from Boston is 60 years old, while the one I bought in Sheffield was manufactured sometime in the 80’s. I took the older bike to the bike repair shop, as the chain came off while I was cycling it back.

I didn’t stay in Boston long as it was extremely early in the morning and the town and train station had a very weird vibe to it that made me uneasy. I did spend a few hours in Sheffield though, taking pictures and trying to find a decent, quiet place to eat. Sheffield is a decent city, but it was very much geared towards students, which made me feel old and regretful that I could never go to university,.

PHOTOS: Sheffield the ‘Steel City’ – 10-01-19

Mu train back to Grantham didn’t leave until 7:39 pm, but I retreated to the train station to find somewhere warm to sit and wait, as I felt cold and run down. But no matter where I went, I couldn’t keep warm. It wasn’t particularly cold outside temperature wise and it turned out to be the beginnings of some sort of cold / flu that I am still suffering with now. On top of that, my ugly deformed feet were hurting badly as I made the mistake of doing a lot of walking. I honestly wish that as well as losing my hearing, I could have my feet amputated and replaced with prosthetic ones, because I’m tired of living in pain and ruining shoes. The only place in the station I could find that was at least semi-heated was a Burger King and I ended up having to buy food there (and felt fat and disgusting afterwards).

The cold got so much worse when I got back and throughout the night last night. At its worst, my body ached all over and alternated between being way too hot or way too cold and my head has been pounding all day.

Anyway, I now have 6 bikes, with these 2 being the latest additions:

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