No longer a ‘night owl’

I used to be a night owl until I changed my sleep pattern to wake up early and fall asleep earlier My depression is worse in the evenings and worse still at night, when loneliness seems to affect me far more profoundly. I wish I could sleep for more than 2-3 hours though and I’m tired of being tired. I wish I had some human company, as in a close friend or a partner.

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6 Responses to No longer a ‘night owl’

  1. I wish we lived nearer. I hope we can go to that amazing house and spend time together again soon.. Without the flu xxxx

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  2. Sour Girl says:

    Definitely without the flu 😉 Would love to do that again, maybe later this month if you want? I can be a night owl when I have good company x

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  3. Nights are hard. I am on medication that makes me sleep now. But I remember how hard it was. I once used that time and painted pictures from magazine covers on my bedroom wall. I painted the clothing but not the face or limbs. I think it shows my disconnection with people.

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    • Sour Girl says:

      I’ve never been able to draw people, funnily enough, even though I used to be able to draw landscapes and plants. Nights are awful, although when I had company I’d actually prefer to stay up really late. I tend to ruminate more and the walls close in on me, plus it’s a lot harder to go out at that time, especially this time of year when it’s freezing cold.

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  4. neseknows says:

    Things will get better my friend. You should go out to a library or coffee shop and meet new people.


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