Food and I are getting a divorce

I am sick and tired of being fat and gaining weight, so I’m changing my relationship with food to a ‘divorce’, although it’s not going to happen overnight, as like all addictions, I need to gradually wean myself off it.  I have a follower who is also a transgender woman who has a beautiful feminine figure, but she told me she basically doesn’t eat.  I have had friends who’ve told me they lost a lot of weight after starving themselves.  I starved myself 2 years ago and it worked, but I didn’t follow through and gained the weight back and then some.  I fucking HATE being so tall, so the only ‘control’ I have over the size of my body is to starve myself.  For now, I’ve restricted my diet to just fruit and eggs, but I’ll wean off those things too.  I hate myself so much for allowing myself to gain this ugly weight.

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