Bike ride to Hook of Holland

I cycled from Delft to Hook of Holland and back again earlier today.  I did roughly 45 km, or just under 30 miles.  As with my trip to The Hague yesterday, it was mostly flat and the only uphill gradients I encountered were at underpasses and bridges.  I didn’t have to deal with cars, except for on a few minor back roads and they were few and far between.  The weather was cool and mostly sunny and the scenery was beautiful.  I’ve noticed that even industrial buildings here are very well landscaped and the Dutch seem to care a lot about the environment, despite it being as densely populated as the UK.

PHOTOS: Delft to Hook of Holland bike ride – 11/06/19

The Hook of Holland itself was somewhat of an anticlimax, as the very name of the town had me expecting something a bit grandiose.  There really wasn’t much to the town itself and I didn’t get to see many ships, as the view of the shipping canal was obscured by fences and construction  I did find a nice spot where I found some sheep and goats to make friends with, before I headed back to Delft along roughly the same route.

There were no anxiety provoking moments, although I didn’t even see many people, never mind interacted with anyone.  I was able to remove my earphones for most of the journey as I did not fear sudden noise, triggering sounds or verbal abuse from people.

I really like it here a lot.  I’ve not felt this ‘free’ to be outdoors in what seems like forever.  I don’t even miss drinking.

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