Another dystopian Brexit nightmare

Life won’t ever stop tormenting me, will it?  Sleep should be something I look forward to, but I can’t, because of my nightmares.

The nightmare I had earlier was of a post-Brexit version of Britain.  I was squatting in a filthy flat, but a gang were trying to break in.  I escaped out of one of the windows, but they saw me and pursued me.  No matter how fast I ran through streets and alleyways, I couldn’t lose them.  I found an emergency shelter and banged on the door frantically to let me in until a woman answered the door and said:

“This shelters is only for families with children and couples, as they represent the future, so I can’t let you in.”

She slammed the door in my face.  As I left, I saw people at the windows of the shelter, pointing and laughing at me.  The gang caught up with me and hurdled stones and glass bottles at me, one of which narrowly missed my ugly face.  I ran, but I tripped on a loose pavement slab and fell, cracking my head on the concrete.  The gang caught up with me and were about to knife me, but I lost consciousness from the head injury before that happened and woke up alone as always, in my empty bed with a blinding headache.

Being chased / pursued is a common theme in many of my nightmares.  I seldom ever see the faces of whoever is chasing me though.  Waking up to my living nightmare alone never provides any relief.

I’m terrified of Brexit and sick of being alone and isolated.

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